Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Social Bookmarking MegaMart

Dear Social Networkers:

Now You can combine the synergy of video and social
marketing in a logical, duplicatable procedure to get MULTIPLE
listings on the Search Engines for your content.

This method gets your content onto
multiple sites, and gets them all ranked for your keywords - securing
top listings on the front page of the Search Engine Results Page,

Just take a gander at the POWER that video and social marketing
can generate.

Make a short video of Your chosen Product to promote
Use a mass video uploader to put the video on
YouTube and 10 other video sites.

# It is smart to use a paid service like HeySpread
or Traffic Geyser to Save a LOT of time
and effort.

# Post the YouTube video directly to his camera review.

# blog.

# Take the blog post URL and submitted it to between
and 20 different Social Bookmarking sites using the free tool
at SocialMarker.

# Then take the actual video pages themselves
(YouTube, MySpace, etc.) and bookmark THOSE pages as well.
Use the SocialMarker tool. Bookmarked each video page.

Web 2.0 NeuroMarketing is what TVisio is all about.

Use video as much as you can.
Bookmark the video pages on the video sites themselves in addition
to your own blog post. That's the secret to this strategy.

Dominate the
Search Engine Results Page,
for your niche terms. Keep adding new videos.
Keep bookmarking. New ones will bypass the old ones as they drop
out of the SERPS. You'll have an easy time maintaining
Your Digital Real Estate.

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